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What is HighCastle?

Alternative investments are growing dramatically, creating a major opportunity for asset managers and servicers. We provide access.

HighCastle – is the world’s biggest investment marketplace for private securities and alternative investments.

HighCastle enables investors to invest in private companies’ shares, bonds and variety of other alternative investments globally.

Who is HighCastle for?


Access to highly vetted investments from all over the world

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Get funded in crypto and fiat. Issue and trade security tokens within the UK’s securities law framework.

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Authorized Advisers

Do underwriting of tokenized corporate shares and bonds

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Reach greater marketing of investment deals and better coverage of investors geography

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Discover more investment opportunities. Across markets, across asset classes, across the globe.

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Alternative markets statistics and thousands of data points available via API or CSV downloads.

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The Trading Platform allows investors to buy and sell tokenized securities from each other.

How it works

Why invest online with us?

  • 1

    Portfolio Diversification

    Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, bonds, debt and coins from all industries, currencies and countries

  • 2

    Liquidity of Investments

    HighCastle Tokenized Securities Exchange to trade and sell your private investments whenever you wish

  • 3

    Transactions Security

    Access to transaction history, encrypted on blockchain with unified processes of issuance, settlement, trading, storage of obligations and rights

  • 4

    Transparency of Returns

    A single account dashboard for cross-platform portfolio management, tracktion of returns and withdrawal

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Why choose HighCastle?


All transactions in HighCastle are recorded on the blockchain - distributed shared registry and executed via smart contract to make investing and trading fast, transparent and secure.


Access to securities from thousands of different providers globally. Investment opportunities sourced from investment banks, platforms, other trusted channels.


A FinTech company with 70% of work covered through the use of APIs, bots, AI and programmable algorithms.


HighCastle takes a role of British institutional intermediary and structure cross-border investments/trades through SmartNotes to ensure a legal framework for your investments.


HighCastle is connected with the leading crypto exchanges to accept both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency as payment methods worldwide.


Our team handles all legal documentation, due-diligence, admin and payment for both investors and businesses.

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Probably one of the best blockchain events was held in Kyiv last Friday. The Next Block Conference has brought together bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain experts from the capital market and finance. The whole day of wonderful impressions with top world crypto influencers Bobby Lee, BTCC Co-founder, Bitcoin Foundation Board Member; Simon Cocking, Editor in Chief […]


The Ontario Securities Commission is focusing on investor protection issues arising from cryptocurrency and blockchain-related developments.

A potentially first crypto investors protection legislation and standards initiated by Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Canada,  could be a solid guidance for foreign financial regulators, crypto exchanges and blockchain-based financial platforms to reach the better protection of investors from scam securities and coins.

More “air” is needed for the financial system…

Exclusive interview of LUDWIK SOBOLEWSKI, Board Member at #HighCastle Group, ExCEO at Warsaw Stock Exchange and Bucharest Stock Exchange explains the future of financial markets – for The FinTech Times by Kate Shcheglova “I tend to see the future of tokenization of assets as a concept to build up “tiers” of financial instruments. There are […]

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European Investment Bank

What is the EU’s bank? The  EIB is the European Union’s bank. This  bank is owned by and representing the interests of the European Union Member States. It works closely with other EU institutions to implement EU policy. A major player As the largest multilateral borrower and lender by volume, they provide finance and expertise for sound and sustainable […]

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