Investment Marketplace

Private securities and alternative investments

What is HighCastle?

Alternative investments are growing dramatically, creating a major opportunity
for investors and asset managers. We provide access.

HighCastle – is a UK-based investment marketplace for private securities and alternative investments, powered by distributed ledger technology.

HighCastle enables investors to invest in private companies’ shares, bonds and other alternative investments globally.

Who is HighCastle for?

For investors

Invest in private companies’ shares, bonds, and variety of other alternative investments globally

For companies

Issue and trade digital securities under the auspices of the EU securities law framework

For shareholders

Keep track of your shareholdings online

For intermediaries

Provide corporate advisory and listing services

Our Infrastructure

Prime Market

A primary market for securities offerings and subscription at a fixed price or auction method.

HighCastle has created a platform where innovative companies and traditional business can do an initial offering of tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for investors to hold such securities in cryptographically secure accounts.

Trading Platform

A fast and flexible way to trade digital assets around the globe across multiple exchanges.

HighCastle powers trading professionals and connect global markets through the API. Whenever you want to buy or sell, monitor market, manage your digital assets or earn on the price difference - HighCastle is the all-in-one trading platform that has you covered.

Market Data

Discover more investment opportunities. Across markets, across asset classes, across the globe.

HighCastle powers the most innovative discovery tool for professional investors, fund managers and researchers, which displays corporate information, quotes, trades, interactive historical charts, historical market data for alternative asset classes such as private companies, hedge funds, crypto and digital assets.

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