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What is HighCastle?

HighCastle – is the world’s biggest investment marketplace for private securities and alternative investments.

HighCastle enables investors to invest fiat and crypto currencies into worldwide private companies’ shares, bonds and variety of other alternative investments.

HighCastle uses HighCastle’s SmartNotes™ solution to tokenize and open up access to the global securities market.

Who is HighCastle for?


Access to highly vetted investments from all over the world

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Get funded in crypto and fiat. Issue and trade security tokens under the UK legal framework

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Authorized Advisers

Do underwriting of tokenized corporate shares and bonds

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Reach greater marketing of investment deals and better coverage of investors geography

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Marketplace Perfomance

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Meet our Products


tool to discover alternative investments globally


in different asset classes from real estate to ICOs


trade, service and clear blockchain based digital assets

They power our solutions

All of our solutions work together in one place, powered by Big Data and Distributed Ledger technology.

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The HighCastle Platform

HighCastle enables investors to discover, buy and sell tokenized securities from thousands of different providers globally and manage investment portfolios through a single account.

Why invest online with us?

  • 1

    Portfolio Diversification

    Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, bonds, debt and coins from all industries, currencies and countries

  • 2

    Liquidity of Investments

    HighCastle Tokenized Securities Exchange to trade and sell your private investments whenever you wish

  • 3

    Transactions Security

    Access to transaction history, encrypted on blockchain with unified processes of issuance, settlement, trading, storage of obligations and rights

  • 4

    Transparency of Returns

    A single account dashboard for cross-platform portfolio management, tracktion of returns and withdrawal

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Custodian Partner

Blockchain solution

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Why choose HighCastle?


All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, making investing and trading fast, transparent, and secure


Investment opportunities sourced from investment banks, platforms, other trusted channels


FinTech company with 70% of work covered we do by use of bots, AI and programmable algorithms

Total Transparency

24/7 available investor platform that provides instant investment updates and alerts.


Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, debt and reward-based from all industries


Our team handles all documentation, admin and payment for both investors and businesses.


Why choose HighCastle Marketplace?

by HC Feb 19, 2018 Blogs, Blogs special ,

HighCastle is the world’s biggest investment marketplace that provides access to 6242 projects with combined 3.3 billion in value and its growing every day. With HighCastle as your partner, you profit from a broad range of high-quality capabilities – encompassing access to global markets, state-of-the-art technology, and open product architecture.

HighCastle is initiating FCA authorisation process

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle Mar 28, 2018 Blogs, Blogs special , ,

A deep, comprehensive and intensive process of research and development during the last two years has lead us from the idea of securities tokenization in 2016 to the HighCastle platform in place with the primary investment market and our proprietary API to ensure open-architecture of our business model.

Why Tokenized Securities Could Be The Next Blockchain Trend To Change The Capital Market?

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle Apr 12, 2018 Blogs, Blogs special , , , , , , ,

There are about 2000 new ICOs launched each month. Approximately only 3% of these will get financed. Many crypto contributors are beginning to consider alternatives to coins as the liquidity of those is decreasing as the number of ICOs are increasing.

AIMS Token

DDEX Exchange Listing Announcement

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle Apr 23, 2018 Blogs, Blogs special , , , , , , , , ,

HighCastle is proud to announce its AIMS Token first official listing on DDEX. DDEX is a digital asset exchange serving global traders. Building on top of Ethereum smart contracts and the 0x protocol, DDEX allows users to trade ERC-20 tokens from wallet to wallet. No possibility of theft. No uncertainty of deposit/withdrawal lockup periods. We […]

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