HighCastle – is an online investment platform for private securities and other alternative investments, driven be distributed ledger technology. HighCastle enables investors to make investments into private companies, hedge funds, bonds, loans, property and variety of other investment opportunities. HighCastle`s proprietary API sources these opportunities from technology-enabled online platforms (P2P, P2B, crowdfunding platforms and other trusted channels outside of the traditional banking system). For the businesses HighCastle offers a hassle free resource to raise capital through private placement, crowdfunding, or other types of alternative fundraising, such as ICOs and Token sales, so entrepreneurs can raise money for their needs. Quickly, Efficiently, Safely. We use Open Architecture, Derivative Instruments and Distributed Ledger Technology to digitalise alternative investments globally.



Volodymyr Saakov

CFO at HighCastle

Serial Enterpreneur with a primary focus on Real Estate, with more than 10m of assets under management. Master’s Degree in Economics.


Denys Goncharenko

CEO at HighCastle

Founder at HighCastle, MPhil. in Law, Managing Partner at High Castle Capital Group, Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy, Former Head Of Legal Department State Tax Service of Ukraine


Roman Tehlivets

Associate at HighCastle
Bachelor’s degrees in Politology and Consulting Psychology


Kostiantyn Pechnikov

Co-Founder at HighCastle
Serial Enterpreneur with a primary focus on IT and Law. More than 20 years of experience. Master’s Degree in Law.
Gifted Back-end Developer with wide portfolio of creating trading platforms and marketing strategy.


Mariia Maksymtsiv

Investment Relations Officer at High Castle Capital
Master in Foreign Languages, Interpreter and Former translator at My Way Language Center (English,German, Spanish) Public Relations, Project Manager at High Castle Capital Group


Ulyana Shtybel

Vice President at HighCastle
Ph.D. in Economics, former Executive Director of Warsaw Stock Exchange in Ukraine, Banking Policy Officer at American Chamber of Commerce, Loan specialist and business trainer at Alfa Bank, intern at UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (NYC). Since 2011 Ambassador to One Young World Summit.

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HighCastle investment platform managed and operated by HighCastle Group. The company is based in London, UK with its design & development team operating from Kyiv, Ukraine and representatives in Budapest and Frankfurt.

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