HighCastle Weekly Market Insights

|May 25, 2018

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Latest Market Review by HighCastle:

A new shift at blockchain arena. HSBC Holdings Plc completed a transaction using blockchain which it said shows the technology is commercially viable for trade finance. Read the full article here.

JP Morgan Tests Blockchain’s Capital Markets Potential. Read the full article here.

Latest Investment opportunities:

It is a FinTech digital currency aimed at giving you all the keys to absolute control over your money.
Read more: https://highcastle.co/marketplace/riptide

Kleos is a blockchain-based rewards platform that will allow increasing engagement in Q&A websites
Read more: https://highcastle.co/marketplace/kleos/

Kleros provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything
Read more: https://highcastle.co/marketplace/kleros/

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