How AIMS Token Empowers The HighCastle Ecosystem?

|June 1, 2018

If you happen to own a bunch of AIMS tokens, luck is surely on your side now. An AIMS Token is a voucher, which HighCastle accepts at its market value, and those AIMS users who earlier got their tokens at a discount will enjoy an even better gain overall whilst using the HighCastle platform.

A HighCastle token is a voucher created by HighCastle according to UK legislation. Token holders can use it to pay for services (application fee, admission fee, trading fee etc), and in future selected investment products at the HighCastle Trading Platform.

The AIMS Token is a tool we have provided to the market to help bridge the gap between crypto investors and a variety of global investment opportunities now available via the HighCastle Markets and HighCastle Trading Platform. AIMS Token users get access to the HighCastle ecosystem with greater benefits. While paying fees with AIMS Token, the user receives up to 30% discount on HighCastle services. HighCastle is the world’s biggest blockchain-based investment marketplace designed to tokenize private securities and enable the smooth trading of global alternative аssеts currently worth $18.1 trillion.

The market for blockchain-based investing is evolving and HighCastle continues to accept requests from companies who are looking to launch their STO on HighCastle under an EU securities law framework. The most promising companies will be invited to submit their application as a part of the admission process. The first cohort of STO issuers will commence their fundraising in the coming months. Powered by Big Data and Distributed Ledger Technology, HighCastle already provides access to over 10 000 projects with a combined value in excess of £4bn.

Users have an opportunity to pay up to 30% of any platform fees in each service or trade with AIMS and get a proportional discount applied to the whole amount.

When you pay for services and trade on the HighCastle exchange, our system will give you a discount of deductible fees automatically on the condition of having enough AIMS in your account and be based on the rule of “paying ___% with AIMS first”.

For instance, a user will get a 15% discount on trading fee total charge when paying 15% of the fees amount in AIMS, 30% discount when paying 30% of the fees amount in AIMS etc.

ICOs has shown that the traditional stock exchanges and crowdfunding are unable to cover the demand from new early-stage issuers and global investors, and unable to meet the requirement of regulators. Therefore, HighCastle has created a platform where innovative companies and traditional business can offer tokenized securities, providing investors with the opportunity to hold traditional shares or bonds in their HighCastle crypto wallets. Companies can also launch Initial Token Offering (ICO) at HighCastle in the case where they do pre-sale of products or services, vouchers or other forms of reward.

When HighCastle was launching its ICO in the form of vouchers we understood that we didn’t want to get into the coin economy trap, which limits almost to zero the ability to earn revenues directly from the main business activities, and forces us to earn revenues indirectly from crypto exchanges where the token is traded. We want our shareholders and users to be able to participate in the sustainable long-term growth of the HighCastle platform.

To resolve this real economy vs coin economy dilemma, we have decided our token to be a voucher token only, with the opportunity to pay up to 30% of any platform fee with AIMS, so that users can save on the difference in AIMS market value and face value of voucher, plus up to 30% discount given on the whole amount of fees, when paying with AIMS.

The projects listed at the HighCastle Markets can be voted by the community with AIMS, further top-voted projects will be featured at the HighCastle Markets,  included to the HighCastle Weekly Insights and chosen by “crypto” pools and lead institutional investors for investment consideration. The crowd will be encouraged to invest along with the professional investors. HighCastle is creating a unique path for investing through a mechanism called syndicate funding.

This model allows us to ensure AIMS provides benefits for its holders, is trustworthy in a robust legal framework and generates business sustainability and provision for clear audit and tax obligations transparency.

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