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Simply register on HighCastle using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account or Log in through 'LOGIN' button in the right corner of your screen

Verify Your Investor Profile

This is a simple process that will often be completed in the background using the details provided at sign up, but we will require scans of certain identity documents before funds can be deposited into your account.

Choose the project

HighCastle collect best investment projects from all Europe. After verification choose one or more from our Investment opportunities


Now you're good to go. Start grow and multiplay your capital with HighCastle

Popular Pitches

Invest in trading will be available soon

{ FAQs } If you have any questions take a look at our FAQs

To invest on HIGHCASTLE you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. Investors must be resident in a country where they may legally entitled to invest in the type of investments offered. HIGHCASTLE does not advertise investment opportunities to people in any country where it would be unlawful for our pitches to be advertised. Investors must not register or view pitches if they are resident in such countries.

Minimums are typically $500 per investment. In some cases, the minimum may be higher or lower but it will always be clearly disclosed on the individual offering page.

Yes, but only if you want them to. You have the ability to control whether or not your investments are listed publicly with your profile.

Your investments are held under a nominee arrangement, with the nominee being the legal owner of the relevant investment. The nominee holds those investments on your behalf and you will be entitled to all the economic benefits as the ultimate beneficial owner. The nominee is a UK Limited Company wholly owned by HIGHCASTLE called HIGHCASTLE NOMINEE LIMITED. The purpose of this arrangement is to facilitate the electronic transfer of investments and for ease of administering operations as set out in the management contract, and it is a widely recognised approach for doing so.

Each investor will have access to their own, personalized dashboard. Investor’s dashboard is the part of their account.

Visit our Knowledge Centre for investors. If you can’t find answers there, try our live chat.