Smarter Alternatives

HighCastle | Market Data

Alternative markets statistics and thousands of data points.

HighCastle | Prime

Invest in digital securities. Across markets, across asset classes, across the globe.

HighCastle | Trading

Multi-exchange trading platform for global trading across a broad array of digital asset classes.

Why invest online with us?

  • 1

    Portfolio Diversification

    Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, bonds, debt and coins from all industries, currencies and countries

  • 2

    Liquidity of Investments

    HighCastle Tokenized Securities Exchange to trade and sell your private investments whenever you wish

  • 3

    Transactions Security

    Access to transaction history, encrypted on blockchain with unified processes of issuance, settlement, trading, storage of obligations and rights

  • 4

    Transparency of Returns

    A single account dashboard for cross-platform portfolio management, traction of returns and withdrawal  

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