HighCastle inviting you to become our Authorised Adviser.

An investment company (Auditors, Consulting, Legal, Investment Management or Investment Banking Firms) or another entity which is a commercial company or partnership may be entered into the Register of Highcastle`s Authorised Advisers, provided that such entity or its legal predecessor has provided services related to business transactions on the capital market for at least 2 years, including financial and legal advice or financial audits, and provided that they are authorised by FCA or other national authorities.
Companies seeking the Authorised Adviser’s status should fill up an application form for entry into the Register of Highcastle`s Authorised Advisers available on our platform. Filled up application together with required documents should be sent to our email: info@highcastle.co

To make a first step, please complete an application below:

[ipt_fsqm_form id=”28″]

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