Business fill in application form with documents attached or without
In application form should be opportunity to chooses options:

1. If project data and materials are verified by HighCastle Authorized Adviser please choose:

2. (droplist to choose among Authorized Adviser) or check the box to Submit project for HighCastle Authorized Adviser verificationRequest to confirm verification is send automatically to Adviser Highcastle dashboard/email

3. If project data and materials are verified by other Adviser, please enter contact details:
Request to confirm verification is send automatically to indicated email

All HighCastle Applications appear as basic projects profiles at Highcastle Business Exchange (Projects Verification Dashboard)

Authorized Advisers get notification about each new project which match their subscription preferences set in their subscriptions settings

Also Advisers can filter projects Projects Verification Dashboard by region, type of securities, corporate valuation, target amount etc.

At Projects Verification Dashboard status of each project is shown: need verification, under verification, need advisory service, verified, declined
Business applicant receive notification emails

Authorized Advisers choose relevant for them projects for verification from
Projects Verification Dashboard

Authorized Advisers have 2 weeks since submission to choose project and submit verification result: need advisory service, verified, declined and Applicant receive email accordingly to status

Authorized Advisers receives 10% of Highcastle’s success fee on funds raised to Highcastle’s projects verified by the Partner

Authorized Advisers who verified the project get opportunity to provide paid Consultancy, Corporate Finance and Legal Services to this project (businesses and investors pre-, during and post-deal advisory)

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