What does reward-based crowdfunding mean?

Crowdfunding is generically collective fundraising. Reward-based crowdfunding is based on rewards: to encourage donations from the community, the project creator prepares ad hoc “rewards” according to the different fees paid by backers. Rewards can be tangible (a copy of a book) or symbolic (a thank-you on a website) and must be closely connected to the project and/or the artist.

If project don’t reach the budget, what happens?

HighCastle is based on the “all or nothing” mechanism. This means that if the budget (economic goal) is reached, the project creator receives the money he collected. Otherwise, the money will not be taken from the backers’ accounts, without generating costs for neither the backer nor the project creator.

Can my donation remain anonymous?

Yes, it is your right. In any case, the amount you have donated will remain hidden and only the project creator will see it

How can I trust the project creators?

Remember that crowdfunding is based on mutual trust. Project creators are invited to post videos and pictures of their project and provide their contact information, exposing themselves and putting themselves “in the game” personally on the web. They are also advised to keep their community updated throughout the project, both during and after the end of the campaign.

Who funds projects on HighCastle?

Everyone! That’s the beauty of the Internet, it allows anyone with a credit card to bring real wonders to life.

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