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We make instruments that bridge the worlds of acoustic and electronic music.

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Technology advances are revolutionizing music making – for example, the last few decades have seen:
1) Digital audio creating new types of instruments (e.g. synthesizer, digital drum kit).
2) The MIDI standard, allowing instruments to communicate with computers.
3) Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software computerizing sound recording and editing.
4) A massive increase in PC processing power, allowing DAWs to manipulate music in real time (e.g. during performances).

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We believe that the music world is now ready for a dramatic shift prompted by the growth of electronic music, similar to the rise of Rock and Roll (which was dependent on the electric guitar), or the rise of Hip Hop (dependent on sampling).


We are based in Berlin, which “is to electronic music what Florence was to Renaissance art” (The New Yorker), and which is a source of inspiration, ideas, and creative talent. We have a second home in Bombay where we locate engineering, design and back office functions.

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Equity: 8.00%
Investment goal: 150 006 €
Funded: 37 502 €
Funded percent: 25%
Investors: 34
Valuation: 1 725 000 €

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