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The patented “Bluetosec©” wireless technology sets global standards for security systems for intruder alarms, fire prevention, emergency calls, and many more.

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Product Description



Conventional alarm systems’ communication technologies have used analog frequencies for decades. However, these provide only very limited data transmission and can be manipulated by offenders and intruders.

Therefore, Alarmtab© developed a novel digital wireless technology for the security sector. The technology is based on the Bluetooth LE standard (LE = low energy), which is used worldwide, and is characterized by farther reach and greater security standards against manipulation attempts, among other things.



This technology called Bluetosec© is trademarked and patented by Alarmtab© UG. Alarmtab© thus sets new standards, because the communication is more secure and comprehensive, and because the entire system is software-based.

In addition to intruder alarms, Bluetosec© technology is applied in other systems developed by Alarmtab© UG, all of which are compatible with one another. These include fire prevention, vehicle protection, emergency call systems, and smart home controlling, among others.



The AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was commissioned with the extensive beta test phase. In 2017, AMG achieved nearly EUR 1 million annual revenue with the Alarmtab© product family.

Alarmtab© UG is an offshoot of AMG Sicherheitstechnik GmbH and was founded as an independent business in 2015 to carry out the production and worldwide sale of the Alarmtab© product range. After the successful test phase, the Alarmtab© products are ready for the market and are already in operation with hundreds of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Alarmtab© has received several distinctions, e.g. the German Design Award 2017 and the renowned PROTECTOR Award 2017 in silver. After a six-month test procedure, Alarmtab© UG was also awarded EUR 800,000 in operating funds for its market launch from the principal bank and the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Due to the strict auditing guidelines of the banks, only about 10% of startups in Germany receive financing from their principal bank.

Alarmtab© UG’s expertise, products, and market potential convinced the bank and state analysts. With the additional investment by the Companists, we are able to invest more in marketing and warehouse equipment in order to ensure a rapid international market launch and secure our technological lead.

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