BCharity – International Charity Exchange

BCharity – International Charity Exchange

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We have been developing the first unique international charity exchange based on the blockchain technologies with implementation of a cryptocurrency.

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Product Description

We have been developing the first international charity exchange based on blockchain technology. On one hand, this charity exchange will bring together charitable foundations, organizations and private benefactors from all over the World. On the other hand, all people who need help can share their challenges with the World. In order to do your own part to help someone in the World, our team designs a large-scale platform through which anyone will be able to contribute to charities. Implementation of the blockchain technology on the high-quality level, transforms the way of activities regulation of charitable organizations. In the future, it can be used for registration and monitoring of charitable organizations in real time due to the transparency of financial information. Smart contracts can lead to a fundamental shift and eventually change the traditional methods of regulating the charity. Everyone will be able to make donations quickly, that saving time and efforts by making the process convenient. All transfers of funds and donations will be transparent and delivered to the destination with anonymity option.

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1 CHAR = 1 USD




Soft cap:
5000000 USD

Hard cap:
35000000 USD


HighCastle is entirely FREE to use. If you are an investor, HighCastle can be used to discover a variety of alternative finance platforms from across Europe.
You do not need to verify your identity in order to use HighCastle as a discovery tool, however, you will need to verify your identity (KYC, AML) at your account page should you wish to invest in any of the investment opportunities on display.

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