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Crowdstacker is an award winning online investment platform, providing ISA eligible investments.

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Product Description



Crowdstacker is an award winning FCA regulated online alternative investment platform, providing ISA eligible P2P loans, Bonds and Loan Notes.

We were amongst the earliest P2P platforms to gain full permission from the FCA, and one of the first to launch an Innovative Finance ISA on 6th April 2016. Later in 2017 we became a record breaker when we completed the UK’s largest crowdfunded P2P loan to date, funding over £15m.

The UK’s online alternative finance market has grown from virtually nothing ten years ago to £4.58bn in 2016. That’s a growth of 45% between 2015-2016. With the introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA in April 2016, we expect that this growth will rapidly accelerate.

At Crowdstacker, we are right at the forefront of these important changes happening in financial technology and alternative investing.

Now the next phase of development is about to begin and to support our plans we are looking to raise a minimum funding of £800k.

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Equity Offered:

Investment goal:
836 400 €

878 220 €

Funded percent:


19 564 136 €

United Kingdom

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