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Grand Central

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Launching a state of the art coworking and serviced office facility in Malta

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There are already more than 2,000 coworking spaces in Europe and studies have shown the number of coworking spaces and available seats have roughly doubled each year.

This proposal is for a new coworking and private office facility in Malta. We intend to offer the normal IT infrastructure, utilities, meeting pods, breakout rooms, kitchens and WC facilities for tenants in an open plan environment. In addition we intend to offer the opportunity of private, secure offices and a public drop-in ‘coff-ice’ (coffee shop and office).

The few similar facilities in Malta are currently seeing strong bookings. Locally the demand is driven by microbusiness start-ups. Internationally clients are drawn by the advantageous tax environment, however this requires companies to have a physical address here. As an additional revenue stream we have the exclusive licence for Malta for the iPostalMail mail handling platform, so allowing a true virtual office.

Equity: 35.00%
Investment goal: 420 004 €
£ 0,00
Funded: 67 201 €
Funded percent: 16%
Investors: 40
Valuation: 780 000 €

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