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Humble Grape

£ 360,00

Fast-growing wine bar brand and importer, on a mission to make handcrafted wines accessible to all.

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Product Description




Humble Grape is a fast growing wine bar brand, and named as ‘Notable Newcomer’ by the Financial Times.

We import over 400 artisan wines from 11 countries, and offer these direct to customers in our wine bars/shops and online. The wines we sell are handcrafted, biodynamic, organic or sustainably produced. We import directly from the vineyard, so avoid markups for agents and distributors.

Our bar interiors are impactful and unique – fashioned from champagne riddling rack and contemporary cork.

Our focus is on customer experience and outstanding service. We know each of our winemakers personally and share the stories behind the wines.

Our bars (in Central and SW London) were both profitable within the first 6 months.*
*Source: Unaudited Management Accounts

We are launching two more sites in London this year and plan to launch a further 2-4 each year thereafter to become a 20-site brand before we look at an exit.

We also have a wine club, wine bank and a wine school.


Equity: 11.25%
Investment goal: 1 000 009 £
£ 0,00
Funded: 1 611 282 £
Funded percent: 127%
Investors: 447
Valuation: 10 010 571 £

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