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Silver Curve

£ 121,00

Digital signage solution making content creation and management affordable for retailers and businesses

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Product Description



We have incorporated Aperture into PixelPipe Signage ( It’s an end user targeted, easy to use cloud based management tool for small businesses using Digital Signage.

We identify three strategic pillars now driving Silver Curve:

– A recurring c£150 annual licence.
– An exclusive UK distribution agreement with ScanSource Video Communications (SSVC).
– We intend to launch into Europe and America with SSVC during 2017, with agreements yet to be finalised.

Aperture was based on sales to other vendors. PixelPipe Signage removes this reliance. It takes the best of our technology packaged in a simpler way direct to the end user. Resellers can set up a working system in a few minutes. Follow up support is minimal.

A recurring licence fee generates confidence in future cash flows and far higher lifetime value.
SSVC gives access to a big sales and support team working through some 500 resellers and a large customer base from day 1.

We now seek further equity funding to grow our own sales support, marketing and technical support operations to meet the burgeoning demand for PixelPipe Signage.

Equity: 12.62%
Investment goal: 325 015 £
£ 0,00
Funded: 120 256 £
Funded percent: 37%
Investors: 99
Valuation: 2 250 383 £

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