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Develop, build & market an electric vehicle with novel drive, mobility and charging technologies.

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Product Description


Sion sideview


The goal of SONO MOTORS is to become an established automotive manufacturer, with a focus on electric vehicles with alternative drive, mobility and charging technologies.

We anticipate that market entry will take place in Q3 ’19, with an innovative electric car named “SION”, which incorporates photovoltaic generators into the body of the car (“viSono”), has a range of 250 km and retails for 16k Euro.

We believe that SION will be the first solar car to go into volume-production.

In short, the SION is a state-of-the-art electric vehicle for a broad, international community.

The SION is a five-door compact van with a length of 4.11 m. An 80-kW engine enables a continuously variable transmission to reach speeds of up to 140 km/h. It has five seats with the rear 3 collapsible to a flat bench and it has a trailer hitch.

Development and production of the SION is expected to be carried out in Europe, in cooperation with well-known, leading contract-manufacturers and automotive system-suppliers.

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Equity: 2.00%
Investment goal: 1 001 364 €
Funded: 1 486 350 €
Funded percent: 122%
Investors: 696
Valuation: 59 588 802 €

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