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Next generation recruitment platform connecting companies & headhunters to find the right talent, faster.

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Product Description

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Please note that the Company has received an investment of CHF150,000 as part of this campaign. For the purposes of displaying this as part of the raise in EUR, we have applied a 0.936 CHF/EUR exchange rate.

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Talentory’s online platform connects companies that are looking to fill highly-skilled jobs, with thousands of search & selection agencies to enable them to transact in a new, efficient and mutually beneficial way. For many companies, the search consultants or executive search agencies play a very important role of identifying and “activating” the highly-skilled job candidates who are not actively looking for jobs, but end up filling in most of these vacancies.

Our proprietary technology empowers hiring managers across Europe to find the best professional intermediaries and candidates, against each vacancy’s requirements. This enables a faster, more transparent and cost efficient process.

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We offer an online marketplace with a range of tools and services targeted at both employing companies as well as at suppliers of the recruitment and talent management services. We are paid for the successful transactions, services and the use of SaaS tools like data analytics and integration.

Equity: Convertible
Investment goal: 400 000 €
Funded: 220 000 €
Funded percent: 55%
Investors: 73

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