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The 4th Pillar

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The 4th Pillar project is partly privately and partly crowdsale contribution funded blockchain human resources and finance connecting platform.

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Product Description

Due to decentralized blockchain technology and cryptography, the 4th Pillar ecosystem is impervious to attacks, designed to resist the influence of inflation, and capable of holding the saved assets long-term. The 4th Pillar concept offers individuals total control over their private information and received FOUR tokens. The 4th Pillar platform will enable significant cost savings for organizations, as they can instantly send pure net payments and work-related documentation securely and directly to each individual’s personal wallet. Digital funds can be sent to any part of the world instantly for a micro cost using the FOUR token as main value and GAS money. For the first time in history, organizations will have the possibility to synchronize their employee data to the private blockchain database, where losing data is not an option.

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1 FOUR = 0.1 EUR



ETH, Fiat

Soft cap:
2000000 EUR

Hard cap:
12000000 EUR


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