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WEISSENHAUS Grand Village Resort & Spa by the sea is a privately operated superlative five-star-superior luxury resort situated…

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Product Description

Brief Description and Status Quo

Weissenhaus is Europe’s most beautiful beach hotel! The 31 expert judges of the German “Geo Saison” magazine named WEISSENHAUS the number 1 beach hotel in Europe.


On 01 July 2014, we started operating the entire village with all of its main buildings. Most of all, the opening of the hotel in the castle and of our world-class spa is a true milestone. Only a few months after its grand opening, WEISSENHAUS was named Europe’s most beautiful beach hotel in the German GEO SAISON magazine by a jury of 31 experts. Because of this opening, WEISSENHAUS has taken multiple steps in its development at once and takes our credo of “confident nonchalance” to a new and unparalleled level.

In addition to our laid-back boathouse, the Courtier now offers guests fine dining and received a Michelin star as well as 16 points and two toques from Gault-Millau in record time. Also, we may now use all 60 rooms in the historic village. Due to this combination of gastronomic excellence and our world-class spa, WEISSENHAUS has become an even more attractive destination than before, both in the summer and in the winter.

Even though we are a few months behind schedule after our grand opening last July, we are doing very well in terms of business. For instance, our booking rate is more than 10 % above industry average only six months after the grand opening. By comparison, an average hotel on the German coast achieves an occupancy rate of roughly 30 % due to its single-season operation. Moreover, guests from the Hamburg area who want to escape the conventions of their everyday life after a long week of work are already using WEISSENHAUS as a getaway and a hideaway. Consequently, there are almost no free rooms left on weekends nowadays. Certain figures also reflect this trend: As early as during the pre-opening phase in 2013, we generated approx. EUR 1.93m in revenue for the entire resort. In 2014, revenue for the entire resort came in at EUR 4.1m. Thus, we have proven that our concept works. We expect our revenue to double in 2015, i.e., during our first complete business year with all main buildings.


Strong Demand Leads to Continuously High Rates of Occupancy

The unanimously very positive reports in specialist publications, relevant newspapers, and magazines as well as on TV – for instance in Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, and Lufthansa-Magazin – have created a positive response to our project from the beginning. During our pre-launch, we were also able to convince many “early adopters” from our target group of WEISSENHAUS and thus to attract excellent sales multipliers, some of which have already returned to WEISSENHAUS with their friends and family or have booked events ranging from weddings to business conferences in our resort.


Premium Hotel Industry Guarantees Excellent Earnings

Our current situation enables us to double the potential earnings of the resort. Focusing on the long term, we have already applied for building permits for additional hotel buildings at a very early stage of development, and we will increase our capacity to a total of more than 100 rooms over the medium term. Because of the huge area available to us (currently 12,500 square meters per room), a shortage of space, a loss of the feeling of spaciousness, or disturbances due to construction work are not to be expected even in the case of a considerable expansion.

If one considers the rate of occupancy we have already reached, there are several earnings levers for WEISSENHAUS:

As early as today, there are often no rooms available at the resort, particularly on weekends; we will be able to monetize these peaks in demand by means of additional rooms in the future. Furthermore, we are already experiencing strong demand from companies that want to book our entire resort for conferences. Finally, WEISSENHAUS is a popular location for weddings. Events of this magnitude currently exceed our capacities in some cases. Our event areas and restaurants are already able to accommodate up to 180 people today. However, our hotel area cannot accommodate the same number yet. 


Construction Progress: December 2014



Overview of Some Key Facts





*  For details on the terms for the Companists, please see “Financial Data.”

** = Standard taxation for German private investors. Please consult your tax adviser for details.

Detailed information on the type of participation can be found below in section 9 (“Financing”).

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Investment goal:
2 000 000 €

2 000 000 €

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