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Product Description

Project Summary

The Youwalk Today design has been tested and proven to improve the patients rehabilitation efficiency by its unique combination of the wheelchair with the walker mobility aid. Youwalk Today allows people to gain the ability to walk again after an injury, while eliminates the risk of falling during the rehabilitation period. As a result, patients will be able to exercise more, thus reducing the time and cost of rehabilitation.

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Mike Wilson
Founder and CEO
As a US Marine veteran, Mike has extraordinary leaderships skills and discipline. He defined the vision for Youwalk Today and is leading the team to implement that vision. He also has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience running a successful contractor business and over 30 years of sales experience working for companies like Kirby, AT&T Wireless Security Systems, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes Auto sales, Panasonic and Brother office equipment.

Ulyana Shtybel
Investment Adviser

Oksana Davyda
Vice-President, Marketing and Design
Oksana is responsible for branding, marketing, coordination of Europe based operations and partly for product design. Oksana received her MA in Applied and Decorative Arts from Lviv State Academy of Arts (Ukraine). She apply her understanding of art and strong aesthetic sense to develop coherent branding and marketing messaging. Her ties with Europe and knowledge of 4 languages is crucial for establishing successful operations in Europe

Lyubomyr Luchechko
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Lyubomyr is responsible for business operations and technology. He obtained his MA in International Business from Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) and MA in Organizational Communication from Depaul University (USA). Lyubomyr has over 5 years of operations optimization experience while working in insurance and consulting industries. He is defining digital strategy, deploying and managing website, CRM, email and productivity applications.

Business Model

Retail price of YouwalkTM for individual customers at $1999; medical professional institutes – $949
We plan to sell 25% of our devices to institutional customers and 75% to individual. Our pricing leads to a 25% net profit margin.
Though the price of a YouwalkTM is on the higher end, we believe that the fact that customers will be eligible for re-imbursement due MD prescription
will make the price factor negligible.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Partnerships with the medical industry through our campaigning program. Simple purchases through our online store and/or purchases with individual demonstrations by our sales team.
The Sales Team will be contacting individuals directly and hospitals, rehabilitation center, senior living homes, assisted living homes and therapists to engage them into partnership programs.
We have the commitment from 8 highly experienced sales managers, who will be managing 8 sales regions across the US and supervise over 120 sale people.
Retail price of Youwalk for individual customers at $1999; medical professional institutes – $949

Market Overview

The World Market for Mobility Devices is expected to grow at 3.8% CAGR to approach nearly $7 billion by 2018, and CAGR of 7.3% to $12.7 bln in 2023 (43% are manual wheelchairs and 57% (power wheelchairs). We expect to cover 2,6% of $2,9 bln manual wheelchairs market share by 2019.

Country of Sales


Customer Segment

Youwalk Today, Inc. will target two primary markets:
• Individuals – Mainly elderly, but also to adults of all age groups who sustained injury and are regaining their ability to walk.
• Institutional clients: – Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and medical clinics.
Elder people, patients after surgery that need rehabilitation are in need of such device.
The Youwalk changes the way ambulation rehab has been practiced over the last century.
We are confident that uniqueness of the Youwalk Today, its U.S. FDA Certification will quickly make the Youwalk Today the most popular prescription decision among the Medical Doctors and leading product in the mobility aid marketplace.
100 Youwalk devices are already pre-ordered for hospitals in Middle East.
Over 10 Youwalk devices are pre-ordered from local community.


Youwalk has no direct competitors. Just few other types of devices that can act as substitutes:
MJM Walker Transfer Chair. No breaks on handlebar. No footrests. Not comfortable for long use.
2 in 1 Walker & Wheelchair or Stool. Do not safeguard against falling, patient needs to turn or walk around the device to change between sitting and walking, cannot be used as a wheelchair and cannot be used for anyone who is chair bound or bedridden.

Competitive Advantage

Youwalk Taday is a new and innovative product that currently has no direct competitors.
It took Youwalk Today to look at the ambulatory rehab process with new eyes. That’s why a walker and a wheelchair are combined. When the patient is ambulating with the Youwalk, a sitting motion backward places him into the wheelchair. The patient can rest and carry on activities. When rested, he can try ambulating with the walker again.


March 2016 – Youwalk Today founded
September 2016 – Launch of online pre-sales and direct marketing
March 2017 – FDA Certification process completed
April 2017 – Launch of mass manufacturing
September 2017- Start of international sales
December 2017 – Version 2 sales and further expansion

Wheelchair customizations & Future Enhancements
1. Adding sensors to Youwalk to track the walking and sitting time, patient’s weight, and how much weight is transferred on the chair while walking.
2. Data will be provided to the patient via a mobile app to provide insight and motivation.
3. Healthcare provider will also have access to the data, to track recovery and suggest improvements to exercise routine.
4. Aggregated and anonymized data will be shared with medical researchers.

Exit Strategy

Make a cash cow

Current Funding Round

Early Stage ( Series A,B)

Seeking (investment target)

600000 USD

Investment minimum

100000 USD

Type of Equity

Common Equity, Ordinary Shares

Pre-Money Valuation

4000000 USD

Use of funds

1. Continue clinical trials of the product and clinical statistic building;
2. Extension of the manufacturing capacities
3. Marketing campaign and direct sales
4. Youwalk website development
5. Development of the Version 2,3

Funding History

Founders – 200000 USD

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