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Next Block Conference Highlights

|May 21, 2018

Probably one of the best blockchain events was held in Kyiv last Friday. The Next Block Conference has brought together bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain experts from the capital market and finance.

The whole day of wonderful impressions with top world crypto influencers Bobby Lee, BTCC Co-founder, Bitcoin Foundation Board Member; Simon Cocking, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, Senior Editor at Irish Tech News; Steward Rogers, Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing“Out of the existing ~15 million BTC, only 2 million is in circulation. All the rest is stored (HODLed)”  – mentioned by Bobby Lee





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Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President of HighCastle joined the Panel Discussion “Is the ICO dead but not buried yet? What comes next? – watch video stream: 11:30 – 12:40 and full video here.

ICO is evolving into Security Token Offering (STO), so corporations and startups have an opportunity to issue their tokenized shares and bonds offering it to a greater amount of fiat and crypto investors. Fiat investors finally will get liquidity for their private investments and crypto investors will finally get legally compliant tokens, which actually representing their portion in companies.

The concept of STO is in the air among investors and companies, but still, very little awareness about this new blockchain-based fundraising model.

Image may contain: 1 personFinally, after a year of ICOs we have experts talking about regulated token offering under crowdfunding legislation (both equity crowdfunding and rewards crowdfunding). Thanks Aniya Arika from the Israel-based law firm for bringing it up.





HighCastle is suggesting the way to upgrade the crowdfunding with a blockchain technology and new business approach within the existing understandable for investors a legal framework in the UK, which means:

  • Reward/Voucher Token Offering (the legal form of ICO), and
  • Security Token Offering

HighCastle is now accepting applications from mature companies and startups to conduct Security Token Offering at HighCastle within UK securities law framework.

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