Prime Market

A primary market for securities offerings and subscription at a fixed price or auction method.

Crowdfunding platforms, also known as marketplaces, bring together capital supply (investors) and demand (businesses) to interact directly with each other, rather than through traditional intermediaries, such as banks.

HighCastle has created a platform where innovative companies and traditional business can do an initial offering of tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for investors to hold such securities in cryptographically secure accounts.

Instead of providing investment advice or marketing investments in equity or debt, the platform:
1) aggregate investment opportunities;
2) provide a standardized view of the opportunities; and
3) facilitate legal structuring of equity or debt issued.

HighCastle is a UK-based marketplace that provides the tools necessary to run a stable, secure and compliant digital securities issuance and initial offering. We service startups, enterprises, funds, and investment banks.

Demand by institutional investors

The Prime Market is being addressed only to investment professionals (as that term is defined in article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000).

Crowdfunding conjures up an image of individuals providing capital to a single entrepreneur or business. In reality, the capital usually comes from large institutional investors, not individuals. Demand by institutional investors is so strong that an estimated 80-90% of all loans originated by Prosper and the Lending Club, leading marketplace lending platforms, are purchased by institutional investors.