Raise Funds

Your checklist

Here’s an overview of the resources you should consider preparing before fundraising. Before you begin looking for investors, it’s well worth doing the ground work first. If you come across a potential investor and you do not have the materials that they may reasonably ask for, you may well lose their interest and ultimately the chance to secure funding.


Typically, the first thing an investor would want to see is a summary or a deck. They don’t want to delve in to the full plan straight away so a teaser is the best first step.

Elevator pitch

You need to encapsulate your offering in a short 1-2 minute descriptor that you can deliver to anyone you come across.

Business plan

Keep it concise (no more than 20 pages) and make sure it is easy on the eye and properly proof read.

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Make sure you have a full suite of financials, including P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecast. The financial forecast should be based on sound, researched assumptions and justify the need for investment.

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Raise funds with HighCastle

Crowdfunding through equity, debt or reward empowers entrepreneurs to connect with business investors and various people at any stage in their company’s growth phase and raise necessary funds.



Raise investment in exchange for an equity stake in your business

  • Investment in exchange for equity
  • Typically offered by start-up, early stage and growth businesses


business lending

Raise capital through borrowing money from our crowd

  • Offer the annual fixed interest rate
  • Choose the duration – usually up to 5 years


fixed income

Raise capital by offering your debt-based securities to our crowd

  • Offer the annual fixed interest rate
  • Choose the duration – usually up to 5 years



Raise capital from our crowd through reward crowdfunding system

  • Share your idea with our crowd
  • Offer your own product to the crowd in exchange for their funds
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What businesses can raise finance on HighCastle?

You can apply if you:

– Have registered as a HighCastle Member

– Are a registered EEA, UK, Ukraine business

– Are not wanting to raise funds for a business involved in gambling, betting, e-cigarettes, anything of a sexual nature

– Have a Business Plan

– Have Financial Forecasts

What are HighCastle's fees?

There is €100 Listing fee to list your business on HighCastle. There is no registration or monthly membership fee.

When an entrepreneur successfully raises their target amount, HighCastle will deduct a Success Fee from this.

There are also Payment Processing Fees, which are deducted by the payment provider when the raised monies are transferred to the Entrepreneur.

Fees are based on which country the payment card is registered in and are 0.5% for UK, 1% for Europe and 2.9% for ROW

This model of charging means we only charge entrepreneurs if they are successful in raising their funding through HighCastle.

How do I get started?

You need to choose fundraising type (equity, debt or reward). In case of equity and debt type you need to submit a pitch application that clearly explains the investment proposition, including a business plan and financial forecasts. If your application is approved you’ll then go live on our site and be presented to our investor base.

Can’t find your answer? Visit our Knowledge Centre for entrepreneurs. If you can’t find answers there, try our live chat.

Our Fees

The decision to be listed should be carefully considered in light of the true cost of going public. In order to issue investment offer and maintain a listing on our markets, an entrepreneur is accountable for several types of fees. The majority of companies eligible for listing on our markets are subject to the following two types of fees:

Listing Fee

There is 1 ETH (or equal in USD,EUR) Listing fee to list your business on HIGHCASTLE. There is no registration or monthly membership fee.
We have also Premium Listing option which include: WhitePaper, development of marketing strategy, mentors etc.
If you want to know more - contact us via Telegram

Successful Fee

When an entrepreneur successfully raises their target amount, HIGHCASTLE will deduct a Success Fee from this.

  • $100 000 or less Equals to 10%
  • $100 000 - 300 000 Equals to 8%
  • $300 000 - 500 000 Equals to 7%
  • $500 000 - 1 000 000 Equals to 6%
  • $1 000 000 - 3 000 000 Equals to 4%
  • $5 000 000 and over Equals to 2,5 %