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Ukrainian cybersecurity company RMRF Technology became a security advisor of HighCastle

|February 15, 2018

Ukrainian cybersecurity company RMRF Technology became a security advisor of international alternative investment marketplace HighCastle.

Ukrainian company RMRF Technology, which specializes on providing cybersecurity services and development of deception-based solutions signed an agreement with UK-based HighCastle, the world’s biggest blockchain-based investment marketplace, which already provides access to 6 242 projects with combined 3.3 billion in value.

According to the agreement, RMRF Technology will provide the initial security analysis of the platform, developing recommendations for the platform security improvement and assistance in the implementation of these recommendations.

Exclusive standards for security, in particular investors’ data protection, is a special cornerstone of HighCastle platform. It’s been realized through following features: cryptographic SSL-protocol, symmetric data encryption, DDoS – attacks monitoring and prevention, investors’ data storage on the separate server with limited access. Smart contracts in the ecosystem get maximum simplification and particular audit. Money of the crypto investors and users is kept in special wallets where unauthorized access is excluded.

Serhii Aleynikov, CTO at RMRF Technology mentions: “Blockchain is a perspective emerging technology, but it is not standalone. In order to fulfill its business functions (e. g. smart contracts), it must interact with the scope of existing technologies: operation systems, processing, web etc. The touchpoints with those technologies can be potential weaknesses in all operations security. Our task is to identify and minimize the potential impact of those weaknesses”.

Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle comments on this partnership:

“As follows from our experience in business, capital markets and technologies, the HighCastle team is devoted to identifying both opportunities and threats beforehand. We see the RMRF Technology as the trusted and recognized by other financial institutions partner to advise us on cybersecurity and deception, while we are building a highly technological platform, which is design to unite the global world of investments with the fiat and crypto capital.”  


About RMRF Technology:

RMRF Technology is a Ukrainian team of cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers, which specializes in the development of solutions in the field early cyber threat detection and prevention. Each member of our team has over 10 years’ experience in project development in different business areas in Eastern Europe.  RMRF Technology operates in two business areas. RMRF Services unit’s main expertise is in Pentest, Security Assessment, Digital Forensic, Security Consulting and Security Solutions implementation. RMRF Deception Unit’s core product is a distributed deception platform LABIRINT.

Website: https://rmrf.tech

Contact e-mail: irina.tolochko@rmrf.tech

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rmrf-tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rmrftech

HighCastle is a blockchain-based investment marketplace, which is managed and operated by HighCastle Group LTD, the UK.

HighCastle provides professional investors with the opportunity to discover worldwide investment opportunities – private companies, funds, properties, bonds and a variety of other alternative investments. HighCastle`s API sources these opportunities from technology-enabled online platforms, investment firms and other trusted channels. HighCastle has developed revolutionary “SmartNote” solution, a blockchain-based financial instrument, which combines DLT with securities-backed notes, to empower private and public businesses to raise capital by issuing tradable tokenized securities.

Website: https://highcastle.co

Contact e-mail: ulyana.shtybel@highcastle.co

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/17933529  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/highcastle_co

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