What is HighCastle | Market Data?

The power of Market Data

Market Data is your gateway to the world’s fastest-growing financial community, with over 30,000 trusted contacts across 50+ countries.

HighCastle Market Data is a suite of trading and data propositions that power financial professionals and connect global markets through the API. HighCastle delivers low latency market data from crypto exchanges, online investment platforms, technology-enabled investment firms and other data providers as well as from the HighCastle Marketplace itself.

HighCastle Market Data also powers the most innovative web application for investors, fund managers and researchers, which displays corporate information, real-time quotes, trades, interactive historical charts, historical market data for alternative asset classes such as private companies, hedge funds, cryptocurrencies and a variety of other digital and crypto assets.

Why choose Market Data as a Service?

Access the Power of the Crowd

With over 30,000 trusted contacts in 10,000+ firms across 50+ countries, this is your single gateway to chat, share news, live data, charts, and analytics, all via our hosted network.

Getting started on Market Data is easy and intuitive however you choose to connect. It’s been designed as a feature-rich discovery tool for investment professionals, that is also secure and compliant. All HighCastle’s investors are screened and validated against World-Check, the Thomson Reuters global risk-intelligence database.

Access the Future

Publish an information about your digital asset even before your initial offering is concluded. Investors, quants, and traders are always in search for new investment ideas and opportunities for revenue generation.

Marketplace Perfomance

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Build your reputation – with Market Data Pro

Engaging with your investors is a great way to build a sustainable relationship.

Share your business success

Having your financial information correct and consistent on Market Data boosts your ranking and bring your information to the fingertips of financial professionals, wherever they are.

Save time and effort managing your digital asset and business details in one easy-to-use tool that syncs your data across the most relevant sources and ensures that it is real-time updated.

Keep your investors informed

Engaging with your investors after the token sale is more important than ever: satisfied investors leave glowing reviews, and positive reviews drive sales. With our social management feature, you can share your company insights, answer questions and respond to reviews, all in one place.

Package overview


£42 /month

  • Digital asset information
  • Corporate information
  • Key indicators
  • Widget

For teams of all sizes on pre-sale and sale stages.


£70 /month

  • All from essential plus:
  • Real-time trades
  • Historical Data
  • Social

For post-token sale/funding round companies.