Launch your Security Token Offering

Security token offerings will replace initial coin offerings this year. HighCastle estimates security token offerings (STOs) could grow to $10 trillion shortly.

HighCastle has created a platform where innovative companies and traditional business can do an offering of tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for investors to hold traditional shares or bonds in their crypto wallets.

Launch your Security Token Offering with us on a Secure and Trusted Platform within the UK’s securities law framework!

HighCastle is a UK-based marketplace that provides the tools necessary to run a stable, secure and compliant token sale. We service startups, enterprises, funds, and investment banks.

Enterprise Grade Issuance

Our platform was built from the ground up, using the latest technologies, to ensure it is stable and scalable. The platform can horizontally scale up to match high investor volume so that sales are not interrupted and momentum is maintained.

HighCastle can help you meet global restrictions and needs as they evolve.

  • ​KYC/AML
  • Investor accreditation check
  • Regulation compliance
  • Legal terms

You will to be in full control of your funds by generating and owning your private keys. To do this we enforce multi-signature key models held in cold-storage.

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Forget ICOs; Security Token Offerings Are a $10 Trillion Opportunity

David Zeiler - Associate Editor, Money Morning

Our Team


Philip Millar

President and Executive Director

Former Executive Director CME Asia and Head of Global Clearing Services of HSBC Singapore and Hong Kong.

Philip Walsh

Philip Walsh

Regulatory Compliance Director

A senior compliance professional with 15 years experience in FCA Compliance. Former compliance consultant at Bovill, Head of Compliance and Corporate Finance Executive at Zimmerman Adams International.


Ludwik Sobolewski


Former CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). Former President and CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).