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A blockchain-based registrar you can enjoy

HighCastle Registrar enables your company to issue, register, manage and distribute digital securities in one place.

For any public or private company, it’s been legal to issue non-paper/electronic/digital shares for decades. Now after the breakout of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) you can move your company’s equity and loan records to a blockchain registrar and benefit from the latest developments of the capital markets infrastructure.

Cutting-edge technology

At HighCastle your company’s equity and debt securities will be kept secure forever with the use of permissions and cutting-edge cryptography techniques.

Moreover, you will have the most efficient web and mobile app to manage e-communications with shareholders, investors and creditors, distribute new issues of digital securities, dividends and interests among investors in one click from your corporate account at HighCastle.

Finally, your shareholders and investors will have an opportunity to transfer securities of your company from wallet-to-wallet.

Key Features


Free legal paper templates

Free smart contract deployment

Free Investor eligibility check (accreditation)

Free investor KYC/AML check

Free Developer-friendly API

Start for free, then pay as you go

We’ve got packages for startups and small teams to get started without a significant upfront cost. Larger clients and funds can contact our Corporate services team if you’re looking for an additional environment, solution engineering, workshops or training.

Enterprise Grade

Our platform was built from the ground up, using the latest technologies, to ensure it is stable and scalable. The platform can horizontally scale up to match high investor volume so that sales are not interrupted and momentum is maintained.

HighCastle helps you meet global regulatory requirements and needs as they evolve.

  • ​KYC/AML
  • Investor accreditation check
  • Embedded regulatory compliance
  • Legal terms

You will be in full control of your funds by generating and owning your private keys. To keep you funds and assets secure we enforce multi-signature key models held in cold-storage.

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