How to win in token madness

by William |August 29, 2018 |0 Comments | Blogs | , , , , ,
A brief intro to tokenisation of alternative investments

While financial services have largely been trapped in the Jurassic period, technology brings the future onto the horizon driven by thousands of futurists and tech evangelists. They already live in a free, decentralised individual-based cyber world and each day open small doors to bring us in. In the next few years, financial services will rapidly transform as tech rewrite the rules. What should we look for in the next period? Better terms? Improved customer experience? I think what we really need to keep our eye on is the digitalised securities arena. It becomes an available investable asset class for the very first time and brings with it the promise of enormous potential. Let’s have a look at the trends!

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How AIMS Token Empowers The HighCastle Ecosystem?

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle |June 1, 2018 |0 Comments | Blogs | , ,

If you happen to own a bunch of AIMS tokens, luck is surely on your side now. An AIMS Token is a voucher, which HighCastle accepts at its market value, and those AIMS users who earlier got their tokens at a discount will enjoy an even better gain overall whilst using the HighCastle platform.

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HighCastle listed at XSTAR

AIMS Token Listed at XSTAR Exchange

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle |May 25, 2018 |2 Comments | Blogs | , , , , , ,

HighCastle’s AIMS Token is listed on XSTAR Exchange. XSTAR provides institutions and individuals options to trade a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. XSTAR is legally compliant with laws and regulations in all countries in which it operates. Details with listing announcement on XSTAR is available here.

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HighCastle Weekly Market Insights

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle |May 15, 2018 |0 Comments | Blogs | , ,

Powered by Big Data and Distributed Ledger Technology, HighCastle already provides access to over 10 000 projects with a combined value in excess of £4 bn.  Investors can use HighCastle for a search of global investment opportunities.

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Why Tokenized Securities Could Be The Next Blockchain Trend To Change The Capital Market?

by Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder and Vice President at HighCastle |April 12, 2018 |1 Comments | Blogs | , , , , , , ,

There are about 2000 new ICOs launched each month. Approximately only 3% of these will get financed. Many crypto contributors are beginning to consider alternatives to coins as the liquidity of those is decreasing as the number of ICOs are increasing.
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